“I’m not a chef, I’m Italian”- David Rocco

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coming Soon To Your Local Kitchen

A preview of things to come:

* Recipe specialties from Naples, Sicily, Lucca and more

* Classic Italian faire including different types of homemade pasta (Gnocchi, gnudi, ravioli, pappardelle etc), special meatballs (eggplant meatballs, sausage meatballs, tuna meatballs), risottos (Butternut squash, truffle oil, fungi) pizzas (Ricotta, mozzarella di bufala, arugula)

*New takes on Italian recipes such as sausage burgers with pesto mayonnaise, Italian BLT’s, polenta French fries

*Special Holiday menus for Easter and Christmas including The Feast of the seven fishes and Easter Pie

*My Grandmas family favorite Easter Pie will be dedicated to my Nonna and detail all information on the Easter pie, the history of our families’ pie and how to make it just like grandma
*Vegetarian and Vegan Options such as Pasta with bread crumbs, cannellini bruschetta, polenta pie

*Italian pastries like cannolis, rum cake, mascarpone cheesecake, ricotta zeppoles  

*Nutella in all its glory will showcase nutella as the star with nutella molten cakes, nutella cookies, nutella gelato

*Gelato for summer including my quest to replicate my favorite gelato which I had in Ischia, Nero fondente, a dark deep, dark, rich chocolate gelato

*Italian for breakfast with ricotta lemon pancakes, eggs with spaghetti, olive oil muffins

*Journeys to wonderful Italian neighborhoods right here in the United States from Boston to Philadelphia and more

*How and where to market for authentic Italian ingredients

*Journals from my travels to Rome, Naples and Ischia

*Adventures in New York- The Bronx’s Arthur Avenue and Williamsburg featuring family run restaurants, fresh cheese and sausage shops and bakeries

*Where you can find REAL Italian restaurants