“I’m not a chef, I’m Italian”- David Rocco

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sweets of Italy, Part due

Time for more delicious sweets of Italy!!

Gelato mouse trifles- So, at Roxy bar they had these wonderful little trifles. They were made with a layer of mouse (hazelnut, vanilla or chocolate) and a layer of gelato (hazelnut, vanilla or chocolate.) Obviously this combination was enough to satisfy me. But what made this so incredible what something I have never seen before. They were served in these little plastic cups with a handle. The handle was hollow and filled with….yep, you guessed it, NUTELLA!!! Even more amazing, it was served with a special double sided spoon, one side was like a regular spoon and the other was a narrow spoon made specifically so you could scoop out the nutella. It was amazing.

The mini pastries- We went to this really nice place for lunch right by an Upim (Upim is a big store, kind of like a JCPenney or a Target.) We had a delicious lunch there. When I went inside to use the bathroom I noticed a huge Pastry display. We were stuffed, so we decided to go back for dessert after dinner. Boy, am I glad we did. We shared a nutella tartlet, a pistachio tartlet and a coffee crème puff. I think I’ve said it all.

Nutella with toast- I know this might sound boring. But if you’re used to toast with butter or peanut butter and jelly, this is a nice change of pace. At our hotel in Rome, there was a continental breakfast and every day I had two slices of whole wheat toast spread generously with nutella. It’s weird; I can’t seem to have this breakfast at home. It’s just somehow not the same when I know I’m not in Italy. Good thing I’m going back soon.

McFlurrys- Yes, McFlurrys, as in a McDonalds McFlurry. Strange, I know. My mother and I went to the famous McDonalds by the Spanish Steps and I couldn’t help but notice that they had hazelnut and pistachio McFlurrys!!!!! I was tempted, so we got one of each and shared!! They were the classic vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with hazelnuts or pistachios. Classic, simple and very, very tasty.

Coffee gelato milkshakes- When we were in Italy, some days were unbearably hot. We noticed a lot of people had gelato for breakfast (my kind of country), so one day we shared a coffee gelato milkshake with our cornettos. Oh my. So delicious and refreshing. We continued this tradition almost every day. You know, to escape the heat. Wink wink.

Do you have a favorite sweet memory of Italy? If so, please comment and let me know!!