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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chef Chat: Kimberly Zanni, President of Gelato di Babbo

Ciao a tutti!! I love gelato, but then again who doesn’t? I mean, on a hot summer day, is there anything better than that first lick of cold, creamy gelato. Heck, I eat it year round. It doesn’t have to be cold. In fact, I’ve been known to put a scoop of gelato in my cioccolata calda. So, when I heard about Kimberly Zanni, President of Zanni Foods Inc, DBA Gelato Di Babbo, I just had to try her gelato. Afterall, there aren’t a whole lot of gelato sold in supermarkets and when I get outside and I need my fix, this seems like the perfect choice!! Her gelato is delicious, creamy and made with pure, natural ingredients, as is evident in the taste. I had a chance to sample all of the flavors (while they were all INCREDIBLE, I have to say I just feel in love with the White Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel!!) I had the opportunity to ask Kim some questions about her company and her delicious gelato! Enjoy!

 What do you think makes your gelato stand out from other products on the market? 

It’s healthy; I gave all of the gelato Italian names and the fact that I import my nut pastes under my own company. I don’t use gelato supply companies. I have my own recipes made into pastes for my gelato in Italy and then labeled under Zanni Foods Inc and I sell to other gelato makers and chefs. The fact that I went to Italy and walked on volcanic rock of the farms in Bronte, Sicily to bring back the best pistachio in the world. My competitors don’t do that. They buy from a company that tells them it is "Sicilian pistachio". I know how a pistachio plant is grown; the region and so on. I am that crazy about my products. My products are made from scratch and I worked hard on designing authentic quality gelato that is healthy too. People on weight watchers eat my products. It’s a number 3 on the point value system.

Your gelato is all natural and low in fat, how can it possibly taste so good?!?

I am the pickiest person you will ever meet when it comes to food. So I would never put my name on something if it wasn’t great!

I'm sure this is a difficult question because they're all delicious, but what is your favorite flavor?

Of course they are all my babies so I love them all. But I can make anything you can think of into gelato or sorbetto. My current favorites are... pistachio, chocolate chip caramel sea salt,and banana and my organic lemon sorbetto. (Not sold in pints)

You started selling your gelato from a customized trike on Main Street in Lititz, Pennsylvania, what was the initial reaction from people? And what inspired you to take your gelato all the way?

People loved it. I had a line and people started to look for my bike on the streets. It’s the classic American business story. I hope I can keep growing. It will be the most humble beginning to remember.

For more information on Kim and Gelato Di Babbo, be sure to pop by Zanni Foods  and her facebook page to say ciao!

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