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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Planeta Winery Tasting and Luncheon at Eataly

Ciao a tutti!! I was so excited to have been invited to a wine tasting and luncheon for Planeta Winery of Sicilia held at La Scuola Piccola (the small school) at Eataly. It was a lovely, intimate event filled with wonderful stories told by the owners of The Planeta Winery, Alessio and Francesca Planeta. Delicious, authentic Italian food was served accompanied by a variety of exquisite wines.

Planeta was founded in 1995 and continues to delight the world of fine wine with its Sicilian traditions and abundant variety of indigenous grapes. There are six different wine producing estates, each with a specific goal. There is Ulmon at Sumbuca di Sicilia, Dispensa at Menfi, Dorilli at Victoria, Buonivini at Noto, Sciara Nuova at Etna in Castiglione di Sicilia and La Baronia at Capo Milazzo.

Alessio Planeta

It was wonderful to hear Alessio and Francesca speak with such passion and pride about their winery as they shared stories about their Sicilian heritage, their family recipes, their wine making process and La Foresteria. La Foresteria is a wine and food destination for culinary enthusiasts. The space is dedicated to hospitality, cooking, wine and the beautiful land of Sicilia. It was a pleasure listening to Francesca speak about Sunday night dinners at the winery and how Sicilians always talk about food and savor the meal for hours on end.  My mother’s family is Neapolitan and we are the exact same way, so I completely understand that feeling and I loved hearing her stories.

Melissa Muller Daka of Eolo

The meal was prepared by the culinary team at La Scuola of Eataly with guest chef Melissa Muller Daka of Eolo in Manhattan. We were served five courses, each with a different wine to taste.

Planeta Carricante IGT 2010

The first course was Sogliola alle Erbe Mediterranee or Filet of Sole with olive oil, bread crumbs and fresh herbs. The fish was tender and delicate; the olive oil was fresh and fruity. The wine was Planeta Carricante IGT 2010. Made from 100% Carricante vines that are planted in volcanic soil near the Mount Etna Volcano, it is gold in color with a mineral taste that balanced with the fish perfectly.  

Planeta “Cometa” Fiano IGT 2010

The next course was Scampi con Maionese alle Mandorle or langoustine with almond mayonnaise paired with Planeta “Cometa” Fiano IGT 2010. The fiano was a deep straw yellow with a green hue and aromatic notes of citrus, white peach and pink grapefruit with mineral elements. It was well paired with the seafood.

The Timballo di Melanzane
Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG 2010

Next, we were served Timballo di Melanzane, eggplant and spaghetti Timballo with Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG 2010. The wine was a beautiful intense ruby red. It was a vibrant taste with a fruity finish. The Timaballo was prepared with fresh tomato sauce which blended delightfully with the red.

Vitello Marinato al Nero D'Avaolo

Planeta “Santa Cecilia” Nero d’Avaolo DOC 2007

Our next serving was Vitello Marinato al Nero D’Avaolo with Planeta “Santa Cecilia” Nero d’Avaolo DOC 2007. Purple with a violet hue, the palette has the slightest hint of oak with a lovely tang with flavors of plum and berries. It was a natural with the veal.

Planeta Passito di Noto DOC 2010

Our final course was Biscotti Alle Mandorle, almonds biscuits paired with Planeta Passito di Noto DOC 2010. A bright, golden yellow with notes of honey, apricots and dates with a soft and full taste, an ideal companion for the sweet almond biscuits.

I had such a wonderful time venturing into the world of fine wine and learning about the Planeta winery.  Listening to the owners so proudly speak of their family traditions and their wine making process was a lovely experience. If you have ever had the pleasure of tasting Planeta wines, please comment below and let me know! For more information about Planeta, be sure to take a look at their sites:

Cin Cin!!

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